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Crystal Silhouette, one-dress contest

Traditional Hutsul wedding in Western Ukraine

Melodies of Elza’s Ocean

Hromovytsya, a Ukrainian dance ensemble from Chicago

The Canadian Ensemble Paris to Kyiv — fusion of Ukrainian folk, jazz and Celtic music

Ivasyuk Pop Song Fest in Chernivtsi

Haydamaky musical rebels

Young pop singers at a song fest in Yalta

One dress contest judged by a jury headed by a famous couturier

Seasons of Fashion Shows — 13 is not necessarily an unlucky number

Postal stamps to promote tourism to Ukraine

Ukrainian singer wins the Eurovision Song Contest

Oleh Skrypka, Ukrainian rocker says, "The time has come..."

Welcome to a wedding, Central Ukrainian style!

The Ivasyuk song contest in Chernivtsi

Seasons of Fashion in the fall show the fashion of the next summer

The Crystal Silhouette One-Dress Contest

A student from Kyiv, Marysya Horobets, wins the title of the First Vice Miss Tourism International

Ukrainian fashions are in vogue

Zolote Pero — Gold Pen 2005 awards

Calendars of artistic and cultural events in Ukraine to be held in 2005

GreenJolly and their hit song on Maydan and at the Eurovision Song Contest

Youth Festival that celebrates the golden era of an ancient culture

A tent camp for Eurovision Song Contest fans

Eurovision Song Contest held in Kyiv, Ukraine

Impressions of some of the Eurovision pop stars

Ukrainian music performed at an international music festival

MOTOR’ROLLA, a Ukrainian rock band

Festival of Folk Music to take you to Krayina Mriy, Land of Dreams

V. Ivasyuk Pop Song Contest in Western Ukraine

Body art festival in celebrations of playful Eros in Odesa

7th International One Dress Contest Kryshtalevy Syluet discovers new talent in fashion design

Mini-Miss Beauty Contest

A fashion show for children

Mariya Mykolaychuk, the singer who remains loyal to the Ukrainian folk song

A reportage from an alternative music fest

Rok Ekzystentsiya music festival promotes progressive rock music in Ukraine

The 17th Pret-a-Porter Seasons of Fashion Week and new trends in fashion

A happy reunion of Brothers Hadyukiny rock band

Kryshtalevy Syluet pret-a-porter show

Ukraine’s Lyudyna Roku — Person of the Year contest

Seasons of fashion shows

Triytsya — Ukrainian traditional holiday

Zolote Pero — Golden Pen awards 2006

Ancient Lviv celebrates its anniversary

Malanka — a feast that has come down to us from the distant past

Music festival held in the Centre of Europe

Women of the Third Millennium

A festival of Polish cuisine in Kyiv

One-dress fashion design contest

Medieval culture festival in Tustan

Days of Ukrainian culture in Monaco

Seasons of Fashion pret-a-porter shows

Crystal Silhouette one-dress fashion show and contest

Ayna Gase shows a buccaneer-style collection

World of Talents Children’s Festival

Opalkova Khata — a Polish restaurant in Kyiv

Talents’ World Children’s Festival

Feast of Ivan Kupalo: Pagan and Christian

Woman of the IIIrd millennium

Krayina Mriy Music Festival

Svit talantiv Ukrayiny, the 5th All-Ukraine Children Festival

My Ukraine Contest and essays that have been sent to participate in the contest

Zharaaaaa, Hot Weather fashion shows

Molodist Film Festival

Battles’ reenactments staged in the ancient town of Kamyanets-Podilsky

Festival in the Carpathian village of Prokurava

Australian ensemble performs Ukrainian dances

Off-season, a short story (from My Ukraine WU short story and essay contest)

Ukrayinske rizdvo — a festival which promotes Ukrainian traditions

Children festival World of Talents

Zolote Pero — Golden Pen Prizes for journalists

Ukrainian pret-a-porter fashion week

Book forum in Lviv

Ukrayino moya, Ukrayino contest held by the Union of Artist-Photographers of Ukraine

Aina Gasse’s Ukrainian Baroque

Taras Kraskin shows his fashion collection at the new luxury hotel

Zharaaa Fashion Shows

A day of Ukraine at the Olympic Games

Children’s festival Oreli

Season greetings from Ukraine

A wedding in an age-old traditional style

Designer Aina Gasse’s new collection Spring-Summer 2009

World of Talent children festival

Winter holidays and winter food

Velykden, Easter, Ukrainian style

Olesya Telizhenko, a young fashion designer

Presentation of a book of complete screenplays by Ivan Mykolaychuk

Traditional holidays celebrated in spring

Garments of old made new

Wedding Deluxe exhibition

The feast of St Peter and St Paul celebrated in Ukraine

Festival of Underwater Photography in Kyiv

Wedding Deluxe exhibition

Steak House Goodman offers steaks to satisfy all the tastes

Aina Gasse, a much sought-after Ukrainian fashion designer

Bride of the Year Festival

The Zhnyva festival of the harvesting season

Zlata Ognevich, a Ukrainian rising pop star, interviewed

Seasons of Fashion

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