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Dobrota, Means "Kindness" in Ukrainian - Dobrota Charity Fund in Donetsk

We Are Down From 50 to Only 48 Million Now - Demographic Crisis in Ukraine

Victor Shcheglov, the celebrated Ukrainian neurosurgeon: I Want the World to Applaud Ukraine!

What language is spoken in Ukraine?

Help Us Help the Children

Ivan Bohun Military School in Kyiv: traditions and innovations

Being a young mother in Ukraine

Being young in Ukraine

Being a women in Ukraine

Dr Kozyavkin a miracle worker who believes in the future of Ukraine

Lviv Institute of Management a new frontier of management teaching

The Best of the Year in government, business, management and art

Ambitions of Young Ukrainians

"Love is ..." Young Ukrainians express their opinions

Revolutionary Channel 5 TV station the channel of honest news

Passionate and freedom-loving Hutsuls

Best Person Lyudyna Roku of the Year 2004

An international project to create a world without borders

Corvette Ternopil commissioned

PLAST Ukrainian scouts

Doctor and hospital that specialize in vascular diseases

Woman of the IIIrd millennium

Childrens art inspired by Mariya Pryimachenko

Ukrainian fund raising ball in Monte-Carlo

Narechena roku Wedding of the Year Contest

Blindness and physical disabilities are not obstacles for daring tourists

A revived statue of the Heavenly Protector of Kyiv

A collective portrait of the Woman of the Third Millennium

Ukraine International Airlines celebrates its 20th anniversary

Enable Talk an invention that transforms sign language into speech

News and events worthy of note

Ice-Cream Leftovers Versus Love and Care: The Plight of Ukrainian Orphans

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