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Rhythmic gymnastics Ч Deriugina Cup

Kiev Sport Club

Kyiv Sport Club marks its fifth anniversary with fitness and a party

Valery Lutsak Ч bodybuilding as an occupation and a hobby

Vasyl Virastyuk, one of the strongest men on earth

Ukrainian Olympic and Paralympic athletes in Athens

Olympic champion: Yana Klochkova, the swimmer

Olympic champion: Elbrus Tedeyev, the wrestler

Olympic champion: Valery Honcharov, the gymnast

Yuri Bilonoh, an ambitious shot-putter who sets his sights high

The Hetman Cup Regatta

Ukrainian women skydivers

Hopak Ч martial art and a dance

Ukrainian woman who enjoys the sport of ballooning

Euro 2012 in Ukraine and Poland

Illya Kvasha, a young diving champion

Ukrainians win medals at the Olympics in Beijing

Great achievements of Ukrainian athletes at the Paralympics in Beijing

Interview with Natalya Dobrynska, an Olympic Champion in heptathlon

Interview of Vasyl Lomachenko, a young but already famous boxer

An interview with Alina Horobets, the best futsal women player of 2009

Sofiyskiy Fitness Center

A young basketball team which is always determined to win

Igor Zatravkin, a Ukrainian golf champion, interviewed

The Olympiysky Stadium unveiled in preparation for EUFA EURO 2012

Interview with Markiyan Lubkivskyi, UEFA EURO 2012 Tournament Director in Ukraine

Kyiv Shans Sport Dance Club

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