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Ukraine and Europe: major events and dates

President YushchenkoТs speech on the Independence Day

Pre-term parliamentary elections in Ukraine

Ivan Dzyuba urges to honor those who perished in the Great Famine of 1933

Pereyaslav Khmelnytsky Ч a town of museums

Woman of the IIIrd millennium

Sandra, the wife of the President of Georgia

Lviv celebrates its anniversary

Seven wonders of Ukraine

Oleksiy Voskobiynyk Ч the destiny of an Ukrainian

Krayina Mriy Music Festival

The muse of Palmira Hotel in Yalta

Svit talantiv Ukrayiny, the 5th All-Ukraine Children Festival

The oldest man in the world

Kamyana mohyla Ч a stone barrow in the Ukrainian steppes

Exotic landmarks of Ukraine

Ivan Borkovsky, a Czech archeologist and Ukrainian nationalist

Kolochava, a village-museum

Roman Shukhevych Ч the death of a hero

In the Land of Poltavshchyna

Biographies of remarkable Ukrainian embroiderers

Opanas Zalyvakha Ч a painter with a clear-cut national Ukrainian spirit

My Ukraine Contest and essays that have been sent to participate in the contest

Pinzel, an enigmatic sculptor of the 18th century

Ukrainian Vasyl Virastyuk once again proves to be the strongest man on earth

Zharaaaaa, Hot Weather fashion shows

Gymnast Bessonova wins the gold medal

Euro 2012 in Ukraine and Poland

Yury Kostyak, an instructor at the Yalynka tourist complex in the Carpathians

Pivnichny lis Ч Northern Forest horse farm and tourist center

Old Lykora, a short story by Yevhen Hutsalo

A Lame Duck, Ukrainian folk fairy tale

Pokrova and other Virgin Mary feasts

Several recipes of traditional Ukrainian dishes

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