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Ayna Gase shows a buccaneer-style collection


One of the leading fashion designers of Ukraine, Ayna Gase showed her new collection, Kaperskiy patent nasolody (Privateers Patent of Pleasure), sponsored by, at the luxurious Sofiyivsky Hall in the Premier Palace Hotel in Kyiv.


Over 250 high-society guests and followers of fashion, who were present at the fashion show, thoroughly enjoyed what they came to see.

Ayna Gase was inspired by the romantic myths about pirates and privateers, which originated in the late sixteenth and seventeenth centuries when countries which were at war with each other actually encouraged pirates and privateers to rob enemy ships and attack enemy coastal towns in various parts of the globe.

Ayna Gase rejected the element of violence but preserved the spirit of freedom, sexual drive and adventurousness that were characteristic features of privateers and pirates and of their women friends.

Ayna Gases design was original, dynamic and risky. The dresses she showed expressed the passionate and uninhibited nature of the modern woman and her love for freedom. The designer used expensive fabrics, leather, laces and accessories decorated with pearls and precious stones, diamonds included.

At the end of the show, Iryna Bilyk, a pop singer, modeled Ayna Gases dress Piratka Yaryna (Yaryna the Pirate) to the enthusiastic approval of the audience.

The show, which indeed had a strong buccaneer touch to it, was an unqualified success.



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