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Several recipes of traditional Ukrainian Easter cooking


The book Tradytsiyna Ukrayinska Kukhnya (Traditional Ukrainian Nuisine) by Lidiya Artyukh published by Baltia-Druk Publishing House, Kyiv, 2006, contains a lot of wonderful recipes of traditional Ukrainian dishes. Now some of these recipes appear in our magazine. We hope you will enjoy the dishes made to these recipes.


Paska Kyivska

Milk 1/2 cup

Sugar 3 cupfuls, and a kilo for the glazing

Yeast 75 grams Margarine 250 grams

Butter 250 grams Sour cream 200 grams

Eggs a dozen Cognac or good vodka 25 grams

Flour 1 kilo Raisins a cupful Vanillin, water



Mix yeast, one cup of sugar, 1/2 cupful of flour, 1/2 cupful of warmed milk and put it in a warm place for 30 or 40 minutes for it to rise. Then add the rest of the milk, some vanillin, yolks mixed with sugar, and whipped whites; add the sour cream, also slightly warmed up, and start making the dough. Use your fists for proper kneading. Melt the butter and margarine and add, when they cool off, (neither the butter nor margarine must be hot) to the dough. Continue kneading. Leave the dough in a warm place for up to 3 hours depending on the yeast you have used. The dough must be able to breathe, so cover it with a towel and never with a lid. When the dough rises, continue to knead with your fists, adding raisins and sprinkle with cognac. Put once again in a warm place. When the dough rises for the fourth time, fill the forms up to the third of their capacity. The oven must be hot when you put the forms into it place the forms in the oven only when you see that the dough has risen to fill them out completely. Bake at medium temperatures until ready. Let the Pasky cool before you take them out of the forms. Sprinkle with water in which sugar was dissolved for glazing the tops, and decorate with poppy grains or dyed semolina grains.


Turkey a la Polissya

One medium-sized turkey 3 Onions

Flour  2 table spoonfuls Sour cream  1 cupful

Cranberries  2 cupfuls Melted fat

Sugar, salt to taste



Carve the turkey, fry the pieces in fat in which the onions have been fried. Fry the flour in a dry skillet, add the melted fat and mix well; add some water and sour cream and put back on fire to turn the mixture into a sauce. Put the fried pieces of turkey into it and then place the turkey into the medium-hot oven. Make a sauce out of the squashed berries and sprinkle the turkey with it once in a while. Bake until the meat is fully cooked.

Serve with the rest of the cranberry sauce, boiled potatoes and pickles.


Veal dushenyna

Veal  1 kilo

Sour cream  1 cupful

Carrots  1 big carrot

Parsley  1 root

Parsnip  1 root

Celery  1 root

Onions, butter, pepper, salt



Remove the membranes from the meat, cut it into small pieces, place into a pot, add grated carrot, parsley, parsnip and celery; fry chopped onions in butter and add to the meat; add water and sour cream, so that the liquid covers the meat, add salt and pepper to taste, and stew under cover. Make sure there is enough liquid all the time, adding, if need be, boiling water. Serve with buckwheat or mashed potatoes.



Red beets  1 pound

Horseradish  1 root Vinegar  1/4 cup

Sugar  1 tablespoon

Cloves, pepper, salt



Bake the beets, peel them; grate the radish; cut the beets into thin slices and place them into a pot with radish added.

Add 1/4 cup of cold boiled water to the vinegar, add some sugar and salt, spices; bring it to the boil and then add to the beets; leave for 2 or 3 hours and then serve together with meat or fish.


Paska made from cottage cheese and cream

Eggs  10 Butter  20 grams

Soft cottage cheese  1 pound Sugar  1 cup

Butter, cinnamon, vanilla, raisins, and nuts



Hard-boil the eggs, remove the yolks when they are cold, grate them, add butter that has been warmed up and mix thoroughly using a wooden spoon; add grated cheese, cream and sugar, cinnamon, vanilla, raisins, and nuts mix thoroughly. Put a piece of gauze into the form, put the mix into it, cover it with a cloth and put it in a cold place. Keep it there for three days, then remove the cheese Paska from the form, turning it upside down. Decorate the cheese Paska with candied fruit.


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