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The leading producer of automobile tires in Ukraine the Open Joint-stock Company Dneproshina raises its status on the world market thanks to the ongoing modernization of production and to cooperation with Slovak colleagues.


After successfully completing the main part of the program of modernization of production of tires for agricultural machinery, the Dneproshina Plant has successfully fulfilled the program of modernization of the equipment for production of truck tires.

The goal of the program was to create a modern, high-tech production of all-metal truck tires in order to meet the demands of rapidly changing conditions at the market of cargo vehicles which, at the moment, are being imported from major world producers. Development and fulfilment of the program of modernization of the equipment for the production of truck tires were done at Dneproshina with the assistance from the Matador Machinery Company, one of the world leading producers of specialized equipment. Matador Machinery belongs to the well-known producers of tires, Matador, which in its turn, is part of the Continental Group.

As a result of this cooperation and of the carrying out of the modernization program, a new line of tire production was introduced at Dneproshina in 2007. These new tires meet the European standards and will be used for various types of vehicles. Ukrainian consumers will be able to purchase new tires this year.

In addition to the qualitative changes in the production of truck and agricultural machinery tires, Dneproshina has launched a new program of manufacturing new types of tires for passenger cars and light trucks. The new tires will meet modern requirements in speed, grip on the road, manageability and low cost. The ratio of price to quality will make it possible for Dneproshina new tires to find their secure place in the mid-price bracket. Products with good prospects in the passenger-car segment will also be made at the state-of-the-art equipment of the Matador Company.

Dneproshina tires meet the modern European standards as well as Ukrainian and Russian standards. At the end of 2006 the company successfully went through another process of certification and earned the international standard certificate ISO 9001-2000.

Olexandr Smyrnov, technical development director at Dneproshina, has answered several questions put to him.

Why the Matador Company has been chosen as a business partner?

Matador is one of the few tire producing companies in Europe which has modern technologies used in the production of equipment for the tire industry.

Matador is interested in stable work, which can be provided primarily thanks to joint ventures in various countries. Besides, Matador has had some experience of working with companies from some countries of the former Soviet Union, Russia in particular. The Matador Omskshyna Company, for example, has been steadily producing tires of Matador and Matador Omskshyna brands.

Why did Dneproshina choose to cooperate with the Slovakian companies?

Slovakian companies faced problems similar to those that emerged in the post-soviet countries when modernization and changes were badly and urgently needed. That is why their experience is very important for us. Some of our specialists of the low and medium level of management are being trained at Slovakian companies, and specialists from Slovakian companies come to Dneproshina to install new equipment and train our workers. In this situation, it is not only the technical side that matters but also the personal contacts which help a lot, particularly in view of the fact that the Ukrainian mentality and language are very similar to those of Slovakia. Ukrainian workers and specialists learn to understand their Slovakian counterparts in a matter of days, and no lengthy explanations or interpretation are needed. It is very helpful for improving the production process.

What were the results of the modernization?

The modernization at Dneproshina and introduction of new programs of production have produced a positive social and economic effect not only at the plant itself but it also benefited the whole region where the plant is situated. Modernization at Dneproshina continues and leads to the creation of new jobs; thanks to it young specialists come to work at Dneproshina and research is carried out. Environment protection and ecological considerations are among Dneproshinas priorities, and modernization has made it possible to reduce the use of gas by twenty percent and improve the ecological situation at the plant and around it.






Herord Peter Cornelius Hasebruk,

head of the group of international auditors:

The measures taken by the management of Dneproshina to improve the quality control were effective and made it possible not only to improve the work of the plant but to take further steps in the development of the existing system of management and control. Work, aimed at the introduction of an integrated system of management, is being done and it includes management of safety at work, health protection and ecological situation in accordance with the international standards.


General information

The Open Joint-stock Company Dneproshina is the biggest producer of large-sized tires and tires for agricultural machinery in Ukraine. At present, Dneproshina produces over 200 types of tires which meet the Ukrainian and international standards. About 40 percent of tires made at Dneproshina are exported.

The statuary fund of Dneproshina is 149,262,000 hryvnyas; nominal values of the shares  50,000 hryvnyas; major share holders are companies from Cyprus  Letop Ltd. (24,62%), Vadamo Trading Ltd. (24,67%), Rockwood Investment Ltd. (17,43%).

The Open Joint-stock Company Dneproshina is one of the leaders in the rates of growth in the First Stock Trade System. In April this year, the First Stock Trade System said that Dneproshinas CODSHC interest bearing bonds of C series had been put on the ticker CODSHC list. Bonds with nominal value of 1,000 hryvnyas have been put on the quotation list of the third level of the First Stock Trade System.

(This information has been borrowed

from Reuters reports).



Tires, which are produced at the new line of all-metal tires for cargo vehicles, are made at the Open Joint-stock Company Dneproshina with the use of the most progressive technologies, including the use of steel cords in production of tires for cargo vehicles.

All-metal tires, in comparison with usual ones, have better wear resistance and durability; they are well protected against mechanical damage; they are more manageable during driving; their treads allow for multiple restoration; their load-carrying capacity is higher by 10 to 15 percent; all of these features make it possible to speak about their advantages for Ukrainian producers and consumers.




10 Serova Str., Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine

Tel.: +380 (562) 310 565, 310 574



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