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Several recipes of traditional Ukrainian dishes


The book Tradytsiyna Ukrayinska Kukhnya (Traditional Ukrainian Nuisine) by Lidiya Artyukh published by Baltia-Druk Publishing House, Kyiv, 2006, contains a lot of wonderful recipes of traditional Ukrainian dishes. Now some of these recipes appear in our magazine. We hope you will enjoy the dishes made to these recipes.


Pyrih with fish

• Flour — 4 cups • Cooking oil — up to 16 table spoonfuls

• Boiled water — 1,5 cup • Yeast — 50 grams

• Fish (fillet) — 800 grams

• Onion — 3 bulbs • Pepper, salt, parsley, caraway



Bone the fish if it needs boning, cut it into small pieces, salt and pepper them. Slice the onions and place them onto the frying pan with cooking oil in it. Bring the oil to the boiling point and add the fish. Stir and keep frying on a slow fire.

Dissolve the yeast in warm water, blend it into one cup of flour, add a bit of sugar and put the dough in a warm place. When the dough rises, blend oil into it and add salt, then add the rest of the flour, constantly stirring the dough. Knead very thoroughly and leave in a warm place for about 30 or 40 minutes. During this time, poke at the dough with a wooden spoon a couple of times to make the dough settle down.

Roll the dough into 2 pie shells, each shell about a half inch thick. Ease the dough into the buttered or oiled pie pan, put in the fish that has been cooled onto it and cover with the crust. Pinch the edges firmly. Perforate the crust with a fork in several places to let the filling "breathe," leave it for some time and then bake in the pre-heated oven. When ready, sprinkle it with chopped parsley and serve.


Nalysnykywith mushrooms

• Milk — 1 cup • Water — 1 cup • Eggs — 3 • Flour — 3 cups • Oil — 1 cup

• A piece of pork fat (for greasing the pan) • A loaf of dry white bread

• Mushrooms — 500 grams (fresh) or 300 grams fried.

• Onions — 2 bulbs l Salt, pepper



Wash and then boil the mushrooms; dice them, mix thoroughly with the chopped onions and fry in oil until the onion becomes light brown. Add 1 or 2 table spoonfuls of bread that has been grated. Salt, pepper and stir well.

Pour water into milk, break eggs into the mixture, stir well and blend it into the flour, carefully stirring the dough all the time to avoid the formation of lumps. Leave the dough for about 10 minutes. Blend a cup of oil into it, stir well and fry as pancakes on a preheated frying pan that is greased by the pig fat after each pancake is fried.

Put the mushrooms onto each pancake, roll it into a tube, and then roll the tubes in the grated bread. Fry a little and serve while hot. The mushroom stock can be used for making a sauce.



• Wheat flour — 3 cups • Water — 3/4 cup

• Egg — 1 • Salted pork fat — 200–250 grams

• One — 1 big bulb • Salt, oil

(instead of pig fat, dried mushrooms can be used)



Blend an egg into the flour, add salt, stir with a wooden spoon, adding water little by little. Knead well, cover with a cloth and leave for some time. Knead again to achieve uniform consistency.

Take the dough to form a tidy ball, and then roll it on a board sprinkled with flour to about one finger thick, break off small pieces of the dough and throw them into the salted boiling water. When the pieces rise to the surface, get them out onto a strainer.

Fry the pig fat cut into small pieces or mushrooms in oil, add chopped onion and fry until the onion or fat gets to be light brown. Add to the boiled halushky which have been removed from the strainer onto a plate. Serve hot.


Pechenya Vegetable

• Potatoes — 1/2 kilo • Eggplant — 1/2 kilo • Carrots — 2 or 3

• Tomatoes — 3 or 4 • Garlic — 2–3 cloves

• Oil, kvas (fermented soft drink), salt, parsnip and parsley



Peal the potatoes and dice them; pour boiling water over the eggplants, remove the skin and dice them; peal the carrots, chop the parsley and parsnip, grate the carrots and add the chopped green things. Fry finely sliced onions, green things and potatoes (until almost ready) separately. Put all of the ingredients into a wok, add some boiling water and let simmer until ready. Add grated tomatoes or kvas and let it simmer for a little more. Serve with chopped garlic and parsley.


Kasha Pumpkin

• Pumpkin — 2 kilos

• Millet — 1,5 cups • Milk — 3 cups

• Butter — 100 grams

• Sugar — 5 table spoonfuls

• Salt, cinnamon



Cut the pumpkin into manageable pieces, remove the pumpkin skin, dice the pumpkin, boil in milk until ready. Add sugar and salt.

Put the millet into the pumpkin kasha, and continue boiling until the millet is ready. Serve with a bit of cinnamon and butter.


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