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Svit talantiv Ukrayiny, the 5th All-Ukraine Children Festival


The 5th All-Ukraine Children Festival, Svit talantiv Ukrayiny (World of Talents of Ukraine) 2007 was held at the childrens center Moloda hvardiya (Young Guard), which is situated on the shore of the Black Sea, at the end of August 2007.


More than 300 participants aged five to seventeen from all parts of Ukraine came to the Moloda hvardia center to take part in the festival which was held within the framework of the Children Talents Competition. The festival received support from the Ministry of Ukraine for Family, Youth and Sports, and of the international public organization Zhinka III tysyacholittya (Woman of the Third Millennium).

The festival opened with a gala show and a parade of all the participants; the banner of the festival was raised and anthem played.

The major theme of the show was borrowed from Count Maurice Maeterlincks Blue Bird. The MCs were Oleksiy Bohdanovych, an actor, Anastasiya Danchevska (Second Vice-Miss World 2005), and Kataryna Krebs (First Princess of Kyiv 2006) who preseneted some of the scenes of Maeterlincks play on stage.

Young vocalists, dancers, athletes, actors and fashion designers showed theirs skills and art. Also, Olga Dobryanska, a singer, Kamaliya, a pop singer, Vasyl Lazarovych, one of the finalists of the international contest New Wave, Iryna Rozenfeld, a vocalist, Olena Shoptenko and Volodymyr Honcharov, world champions in sport dancing, added variety and professional touch to the show.

Master classes in design, acting, stage makeup, catwalking, vocal singing and choreography were held during the festival. The classes were conducted by Oleksandr Zlotnyk, a composer, Vasyl Ilashchuk, a TV presenter and film director, and Ayna Gase, a fashion designer, all of them well known in their respective fields of work.

Practically every participant was given some award or title. The winners were presented with silver decorations in the shape of butterflies with gold antennae, little pearls in gold, crowns, ribbons and diplomas and certificates of appreciation. On behalf of the Zhinka III tysyacholittya organization, special prizes were awarded to the participants and winners  TV sets, CD and DVD players and souvenirs with the festival logos.


By Viktor Sydorenko

Photos have been provided

by the organizers of the festival


Vadym Dmytriyev, Little Mister of Ukraine,
and Oleh Kulyk, Little Vice Mister of Ukraine.


The Ensemble Spalakh was awarded
the First Prize in the nomination Choreography.


Ceremony of the festivals closing.


Valeriya Vasylevska won the Grand Prix
in the nomination Choreography.


Khrystyna Nikodymova Grand Prix
in the nomination Sports.


Lidiya Lisimova, president of the Festival,
Oleksandr Zlotnyk, a composer, and Kamaliya,
a pop singer, were members of the jury.


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