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Aina Gasses Ukrainian Baroque


Aina Gasse, one of the leading Ukrainian fashion designers, recently showed her new collection, Yaryna. Fall-Winter 20082009 in Kyiv. Before the show in Kyiv, Gasses collection Yaryna had been shown in Italy and it had been a public and media success. The general style of the collection is described as Ukrainian Baroque.


Ukrainian designers are definitely becoming better known in the world. This recognition of Ukrainian fashion in the world was predicted several years ago and now it is coming true. Both Ukrainian and foreign fashion dealers buy an increasing number of dresses created by Ukrainian designers. Foreign couturiers come to Ukraine not only to show their new fashion designs but to see what Ukrainian fashion designers can offer.

Of course, the ultimate success in high fashion of today is still determined by the success at the world centers of high fashion.

Aina Gasse showed her collection Yaryna in Italy and this collection, which was based on the motifs of the Ukrainian national dress of the seventeenth-eighteenth centuries, did make a splash.

The designer showed her Yaryna. Fall-Winter 2008 2009 collection in the Sofyivsky Hall of the Premier Palace Hotel at the end of May 2008. About 250 people, among whom were well-known public and high-society figures and pop singers, came to see the show. Yevheniya Karr, Maryna Kinakh, Walid Arfuche, Liliya Podkopayeva, Diana Dorozhkina, Dmytro Tsyperdyuk, Iryna Bilyk  to name just a few  were among the followers of fashion at the show. The show was staged as a glamorous social event and greatly impressed those present.

Aina Gasse is of the opinion that the Ukrainian traditional dress can be regarded as a sophisticated artistic image which deserves to be revived and maintained. The Ukrainian traditional dress combines practicality and beauty, and the dresses popular in the seventeenth-eighteenth centuries had a streamlined silhouette, rather simple general design but rich in decorative elements which included embroidery and use of decorative materials and accessories.

The choice of the name for the collection was determined by several factors. Firstly, I like the very sound of it. Secondly, it is my association with the womens club Yaryna stil (Style Yaryna), and thirdly, there is a contraceptive for women which is called Yaryna and which increases sexuality in women, said Aina Gasse, explaining the name of her collection. Incidentally, Yaryna is a Ukrainian womens name of great antiquity.

One expects that Aina Gasse will continue the trend set by her Yaryna collection and thus will tap the roots of artistic traditions of Ukraine.


By Viktoriya SYDORENKO

Photos have been provided

by the organizers of the show









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