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Taras Kraskin shows his fashion collection at the new luxury hotel


The well-known Ukrainian fashion designer Taras Kraskin recently discovered a place which is excellently suited for luxury fashion collections to be shown there. It is a new hotel complex, SunRay, which opened this year and which is situated in the vicinity of the city of Dnipropetrovsk in the Ukrainian steppe.


After Mr Kraskin visited the place he was bubbling with enthusiasm, Its Ukrainian Riviera! Its a resort on a par with the best resorts of French and Spanish costs, of Florida and other gorgeous places. The quality of services is world class! When you get there, you forget about your troubles and worries. You enjoy every moment of your stay. Being there gives you a powerful creative boost!

There were some other fashion designers and artists who were as enthusiastic about SunRay. The hotel is surrounded by a very picturesque landscape. In fact, it is much more than a hotel  it provides the leisure and relaxation and health improvement of a spa; its restaurants offer a wide variety of superbly cooked food, and it gives access to wonderful beaches. Depending on your mood, you can give yourself fully to the laid-back atmosphere of a carefree summer aestivation, or indulge in a more vigorous recreation. This summer, quite a few of pleasure seekers went to SunRay to sample and enjoy the continuous feast of good time there.

Taras Kraskin contributed a lot to creating this very special atmosphere of SunRay. He showed a collection which fit excellently the style and mood of SunRay.

The Freedom Ballet, directed and choreographed by Olena Kolyadenko, added its exquisitely refined touch, and Nikolai Baskov, a Russian pop star, provided the velvety musical background. Ksenia Sobchak and Dmytro Oskin, high society lioness and lion were masters of the ceremonies.

The Restaurant SunRay proved its status of excellence by serving dishes that were much more than just excellently cooked food  the dishes were a great joy both to the eye and to the palette. Sparkling champagnes were at the top of the list of drinks consumed.

The beau monde that gathered there were exceedingly pleased with the way they were treated, dined and wined  and they must have been pleased with themselves too. They were able to appear in public in their best garments and jewelry  in other words, they could show themselves and see and appreciate others. The feast Maestro Kraskin organized was thoroughly enjoyed by everybody involved, including Mr Kraskin himself.


By Viktoriya Sydorenko

Photos have been provided by the organizers of the Kraskin Show


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