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Designer Aina Gasses new collection Spring-Summer 2009


Recently, the well-known Ukrainian fashion designer Aina Gasse showed her new collection Spring-Summer 2009 at the Buddha Bar, a high-society haunt, in Kyiv.


This collection was also shown at the Fashion Week in Milan, Italy, and it had a good press. The collection was appreciated both by the fashion analysts and the public. Aina Gasse is a Ukrainian designer who is registered at the Chamber of Fashion of Italy.

Her choice of fabrics was particularly careful. Ordering the fabrics to be delivered, the designer made sure she got what exactly she wanted  something that Ukrainian fashion designers sometimes fail to do. Aina Gasse was as careful in the choice of footwear and other accessories as she was with the choice of fabrics.

Gasses new collection showed bold color schemes and patterns. To a certain extent, it must have been inspired by the colors of the traditional Ukrainian dress. The colors of the footwear and accessories were in full harmony with the color patterns of the dresses.

The wedding dress, modeled by Marysya Horobets, a TV presenter, drew enthusiastic applause. It highlighted the show which was a feast of Femininity, Color and Harmony.

Among the guests were Lyudmyla Khariv, an advisor to the Ukrainian president, Olena Lytvyn, the owner of the boutique Budynok rozkoshi Villa Gross, Vlada Lytovchenko, head of the model agency Karin MMG, Ihor Posypayko, a TV presenter, Taras Kraskin, a fashion designer, and other public and distinguished figures.

The fashion show was an unqualified success.


By Viktoriya Sydorenko

























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