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World of Talent children festival


The All-Ukraine Childrens Festival Svit talantiv (World of Talents) is an event which is held regularly and which attracts a lot of participants and big audiences.


This year it was held in Kyiv on 2 November 2008. It was the sixth such festival, in which took part more than 400 participants whose age varied from 5 to 17. The childrens festivals contribute to the intellectual and spiritual development of children and to the encouragement of their talents.

Support and sponsorship were provided, among others, by the Kyiv Mayor Leonid Chernovetsky, the Ministry for Matters of Family, Youth and Sports of Ukraine jointly with the International Public Organization Zhinka III tysyacholittya (Woman of the 3rd Millennium). The participants of the festival were invited to come to the City Hall where they were greeted by the mayor and other city officials and, of course, where they received all sorts of presents.

The gala show that crowned the event was held at the Ivan Franko National Drama Theater. The show included performances of young vocalists, dancers, athletes, actors and beauty contest participants. The works by young artists and designers, which were exhibited, looked quite professionally executed; ballet and folk dances, childrens fashion shows were as impressively professional.

Among the professional performers were the participants of the previous festivals and winners of the festivals contests  Natalya Buchynska, Diana Kushnarenko, Katya Buzhynska, Ilona Tykhonyuk, Olha Dobryanska, Kateryna Semenovych, Natalya Valevska, Tetyana Hulyk, Oleh Shak, Alina Piddubna, Vasyl Lazarovych and Karyna Brestovytska.

All the contestants and participants, in accordance with the festivals tradition, were awarded honorary titles and presented with diplomas of appreciation and festival souvenirs  statuettes, crowns and other memorabilia. The winners of the festivals contests were presented with silver and gold butterflies, and the International Public Organization Zhinka III tysyacholittya presented the children with other nice gifts.

The organizers and participants of the festival thanked the International Public Organization Zhinka III tysyacholittya, the All-Ukraine Charity Fund Zhyvodayne Dzherelo, the Ukrainian soft toys maker Fancy, the International Association of Companies Sport Life, the Marka Ukrayiny Publishers, the X-Prompt Store, the Bila Vorona chain of stores, the Avista Aista group, the Trade Company Souvenir, the Dolesvit company, the Edelweiss group of companies, the Alenka Children Cosmetics Center, the magazines Moya simya, Piznayko, Planeta znan and Mademuazel for assistance and support


By Viktor Sydorenko

Photos have been provided

by the organizers of the festival


Gudovski Jessica-Li, Mini Miss Europe.


Yevhen Shpachenko (Grand Prix).


Natalya Valevska and Tetyana Hulyk singing in duet.


Anastasiya Belevich (Grand Prix).


At the Opening Ceremony.


The Jury of the Svit talantiv Festival.


Participants of the Fancy Design Show.


Alina Piddubna (Grand Prix).


Vasyl Lazarovych, a singer, and

participants of the Beauty Show.


The Rostok Dance Group (2nd prize).


Daryna Dyachuk (Grand Prix).



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