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Ukraine the beautiful


The fortress of Khotyn

Western Ukraine, dates from the early medieval times; geographically, it is situated at a strategic site and because of this the fortress was being continuously vied for by many powers Ч the Ottomans, Hungarians, Poles, Ukrainian forces fighting in the War of Liberation of the seventeenth century, and all sorts of rebels; at present, it is a tourist attraction and a historical landmark vied for by movie makers shooting period dramas.



These and other similar idols

That date to the pre-Christian times and may be as ancient as twenty five hundred years old or even older, dot the vast Ukrainian steps; these idols may have seen the invading army of the mighty Persian king Darius whom the wily Scythians forced to retreat ignominiously.



Lake Svityaz

The biggest and arguably the most beautiful one in Ukraine, is one of the many Shatsky Lakes which are located in Ukraine close to the borders with Belorus and Poland; in 1983, this scenic area was given the status of a national natural park.



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