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A day in the city: Odesa


There are many nice towns in Ukraine which are situated in the coastal areas, but Odesa is special indeed. It has a charm, a spirit, an atmosphere which distinguishes it from any other coastal town. There is, for example, such a thing as Odesa humor  but there is no such thing as, say, Yalta humor, or Yevpatoriya humor, or Berdyansk humor.

Like in any other resort town, the off-season is a rather dull time, but when the spring heralds the advent of a new tourist season, everything comes to life; the sun shines brighter, people smile more, kiss more, hug more, joke more; winter clothes are packed into closets, and mini skirts and T-shirts make the human element in the streets look much more livelier and attractive. The city itself spruces up, architectural landmarks are given a facelift  and all is set to welcome the tide of vacationers.


Photos by Olena KURSHYN

and Romko MALKO















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