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Five Years of Ideal Fitness


Those who care for their physical fitness and corresponding state of mind and body that such fitness brings, find the SOFIYSKIY Fitness Center is an ideal place to keep fit. It may sound like a tautological statement but thats exactly what SOFIYSKIY is so good in.


SOFIYSKIY has been in business for five years now. During this time excellent conditions have been created at the Center which not only provide ample opportunities for keeping in shape but also for thoroughly enjoying yourself.

Incidentally, it is this factor, being able to enjoy oneself, that underlies the modern-day philosophy of life and differs from the yesteryear ideas of keeping a proper diet, doing sports, or from other ways of improving oneself. It has been scientifically proven that the things doing which brings joy increase their effectiveness dozens of times. SOFIYSKIY is just a place where you can enjoy yourself doing things that keep you fit and in shape.


The art of being healthy

They say that once the student is ready the teacher finds him. It is a rare exception that it happens otherwise: the best fitness instructors have already gathered in SOFIYSKIY. During the past years the most qualified and experienced trainer staff has been formed, based on the main principle of: know how to do, be able to do it and to teach it. Today, the training staff of the club is the best in the country. The highest professional level, the desire to be the first and the best, continuous education of the training team all those factors established SOFIYSKIY as a trend setter and a leader in the fitness market. In SOFIYSKIY the system is set up in such a way that every member of the team must be equally strong and knowledgeable, especially in different areas. The club instructors do not simply perfect their own given discipline, but have the knowledge and training that allow them to be multi-profile specialists. SOFIYSKIY was the first to allow its staff to use several methods in achieving the best results. It was a revolutionary approach, and what began as a daring experiment is now a light touch system being practiced in many fitness clubs. The qualifications of the club trainers allow them to hold personal or group training sessions in any fitness disciplines or direction. Some instructors can equally professionally teach dance classes, weight trainings, and Pilates. The greatest advantage of this system is that a trainer gets a perfect knowledge and understanding of the student and helps develop his potential in different fitness disciplines. Instructors skills and knowledge makes it possible to use all sorts of available equipment to the best advantage and achieve great results. The stages and sequences of workouts and training are also very carefully and individually planned and that also contributes to the final results. Two years ago SOFIYSKIY, using its experience, professionalism of its staff and their eagerness to always do better, created a new center, Study Fitness & SPA Consulting. The teachers at SFC are the leading specialists of SOFIYSKIY, whose self developed programs and experiences have become the basis for seminars and master-classes held at SFC.

SOFIYSKIY offers a truly great selection of programs, which range from swimming lessons in swimming pools for grown-ups and children to specialized functional training. Incidentally, functional training which is a sort of an extension of Pilates principles but in a more dynamic form, has proven to be extremely popular.

At the same time, Pilates continues to be one of the strengths of SOFIYSKIY. In fact, SOFIYSKIY was among the very first fitness centers that introduced Pilates into its programs an excellent specially designed Pilates studio was built.

People feel healthy and fine and in harmony

with themselves, when they posses stamina, strength and flexibility. The physical state of our body is all important but not a single fitness program can provide it all by itself a combination of programs is needed to achieve the desired effect.

SOFIYSKIY offers a spectacular variety

of programs the combination of which can bring about the best results. Before you start, SOFIYSKIY recommends going through a fitness test that is performed by a physician who specializes in fitness consulting. Depending on your state of health, a selection of programs will be chosen to suit you best.

You will be given medical advice what may do maximum good, and it will determine which trainers and instructors you should have. SOFIYSKIYs approach is not meant to forbid certain things but to figure out what is more or less advisable for you, and what would serve best to achieve your purpose.


Academy of Perfection

It is the name which was given to a complex of programs for children and adolescents. SOFIYSKIY has made it a point to provide maximum diversity in the programs, to make them interesting and beneficial to everybody men, women, and children of different ages.

The programs are multi-levelled, they differ also depending on the state of physical fitness.

Members of Kids and Adolescent Clubs are given a special attention, and when developing new programs the specificity of childs health at different stages of development are thoroughly considered and taken into account.

Academy of Perfection was created last year. At first, the focus was placed on the development of strength, agility and free movement rather than on purely athletic training, but with the passage of time new approaches began to be developed. One of the programs that parents should check out first is the one that is designed to prevent scoliosis in children of the school age. Its uniqueness is based on the complex approach, when trainer works together with doctor-steopath.

First the physician assesses the state of the spine of the beginner. Then, based on this diagnosis, together with the swimming pool instructors,

a special program is developed for a mini group of 4 kids. It is highly advisable for children to join groups of their age peers rather than go through a program individually being in a group makes it more fun for children. At the beginning, children warm up in the hall of dry swimming, then in the swimming pool with a specific complex of exercises with a strictly determined amount of strain on the heart and muscles. One of the ingredient parts of such programs for children is osteopathic procedures. After three months, the doctor evaluates the childs spine once again and compares the current state with the initial state of the spine.

We have also created a specialized group for children with weight problems. In addition to a system of exercises to deal with the problem, doctor-nutritionist offers his advice.

There is a program which includes workouts based on the best of aikido, taekwondo, judo and other kinds of Oriental martial arts. This program was only introduced a year ago and soon there will be performance demonstrations organized.

Contemporary dance, a so-called street-dance, program is also an innovation. The program which targets teenagers from 12 years and older, offers not only dance classes but also exercises designed to develop agility and endurance. That is why the children are trained by two instructors.

SOFIYSKIY rehabilitation programs are an important aspect in the SOFIYSKIY schedules as well, and SOFIYSKIY offers specialized advice and exercises to deal with physical and psychological rehabilitation after traumas, surgical operations and can also provide help with the syndrome of chronic exhaustion (or burn out). With each passing year, definition of

fitness keeps acquiring new meanings. Today it incorporates everything that helps every person to return their lawful treasure perfection of the body, once given by nature, but taken away by civilization and time. Without false modesty it can be stated that today, after five years, definition of fitness has been integrated in SOFIYSKIY to the fullest extent and with the greatest diversity. And at the highest level possible.








Fitness Centre SOFIYSKIY

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