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Summer in Yalta


Yalta, an enchanting resort town on the southern coast of the Crimea, is the very quintessence of what the Crimea can offer to the vacationers. Yalta still reverberates with the echoes of its Bohemian past, and now continues to be a magnet for epicureans and conneuseurs of all sorts, and for those who are after sensuous pleasures.

Naberezhna Ч the Seaside Promenade, is probably YaltaТs very heart. It is graced with magnolias and oleanders; innumerable cafes test your ability to withstand culinary temptations. Aromas of coffee and fragrances of the blooming plants permeate the air. Professional photographers offer to have your picture taken wearing a royal dress or an outfit of a thug; music comes from so many sides that it can become a nuisance; pythons and eagles are on display on somebodyТs shoulders or wrists; souvenirs, from paintings to sea shells, galore anywhere you look.

Along the Promenade stretch the beaches, covered shoulder to shoulder, hip to hip by bodies of all sizes, of many colors, from white and pink to black, graceful and obese, all frozen in sun-absorbing immobility.

Yalta has been sung by poets, it featured in many novels and short stories; Yalta was and continues to be loved by so many, me included, even though some of its older lovers complain that the spirit of Уthe true, old YaltaФ is gone.

And if you happen to fall in love in Yalta Ч well, letТs leave the rest to imagination.












By Yehven BUDKO


Photos by Oleksandr KADNIKOV

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