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The Boutique Hotel Riviera in Kyiv is best known for its particularly warm hospitality, its estheticism, its comfort and views that open from its windows. Its general manager Elizaveta Yurusheva, a charming young lady, has her own approach to business. Ms Yurusheva was interviewed by Marysya GOROBETS.


Elizaveta Yurusheva is a general manager of the Boutique Hotel Riviera and is an official representative of the Company Yaroslaviv Val that owns Riviera Hotel, and also InterContinental Kyiv, and a newly built Fairmont hotel.

In 2010, Ms Yurusheva, a citizen of Austria, was listed among 10 most influential women foreigners in Ukraine by the Ukrainian magazine Focus.

Before we go into details about the Hotel Riviera, would you please say some words about the Hotel Fairmont the new hotel of the Company Yaroslaviv Val.

Fairmont hotels can be found in many parts of the world, from the Bermudas to New York. In November 2011, a Fairmont hotel will be opened in the city of Kyiv. The hotel is located in the section of town known as Podil, close to the river Dnipro. It has its own unique style and design. Its distinctive feature the biggest atrium in Eastern Europe.

The Boutique Hotel Riviera which sits close to the Fairmont is called a boutique hotel. Why?

Boutique hotels provide personalized accommodation, services and facilities; they are furnished in a themed and stylish manner. Boutique hotels are always individual and focused on offering their services in a comfortable, intimate, and welcoming setting.

Riviera is such a hotel. Its the homey atmosphere that we provide. Every guest who stays at our hotel should feel himself or herself at home hotels are temporary homes for those who travel. We do our best to meet all the requirements and grant all the wishes of our guests. We create a family atmosphere. The decor is that of the European classical style; there are paintings by Ukrainian and Russian artists hanging on the walls. Beautiful views on the river open from the windows. The hotel has several restaurants one of which is on the terrace which is famous for the views that open from it. Incidentally, film makers and television producers love to shoot their films there. After a recent reconstruction, the terrace is open not only in summer but in winter as well.

Does the hotel offer itself as a venue for all sorts of high-society events? Fashion shows? Beauty contests? Ive seen one of your spa salon ads with a Miss Ukraine-Universe on it very impressive.

Yes, we do that. We keep track of important social events, we organize classy parties, fashion shows and other similar events. It attracts attention of celebrities and of the media. And among our guests there are all sorts of stars and well known persons.

Could you provide some names?

Usually we do not do this but all right, Ill give you a few: the actress Olga Kurylenko, the actor Adrian Brodie, the designer Stephan Rollan, the Eurovision contest winner Alexander Rybak, the tennis player Caroline Wozniacki. Many Russian pop stars stop at our hotel, but we treat every guest as a star.

What did you do before you entered the hotel business?

I was educated to be a journalist, I lived in Austria, studied in England, I attended seminars at the well-known school Hoteliere de Lausanne in Switzerland, and I also earned my knowledge of the hotel business by direct experience of working in it. I believe that working in the hotel business requires you to be a person with positive thinking, you should love people. The Ukrainians are a people with hospitality genetically wired into them. Living abroad, I learnt foreign languages, I got accustomed to the European level of services and to the European mentality. Now I use all this knowledge for my work. Hotel services are provided by the people whose education, experience and skills of dealing with people are essential.

What advice would you give to a friend who comes to Kyiv?

Stay, of course, at one of our hotels, chill out at the Elixir Spa salon at the Boutique Hotel Riviera, have a meal at the Riviera Restaurant on the terrace, and then have a romantic evening party at the Restaurant ?omme il Faut in the Hotel InterContinental.

And what about a culture program?

Visits to the monasteries in Podil, to the Cathedral of Holy Sophia, to the Lavra Monastery, to the Mykhailivsky Zolotoverkhy Monastery are among must-dos Incidentally, the view that opens on that monastery from the lounge bar B-Hush at the top floor of the Hotel InterContinental is truly stunning, particularly at night.

What is your hotel philosophy?

We take into consideration every wish of our guests. We are proud and honored to have every one of them.






Riviera Boutique Hotel

15, Sahaydachnoho Str., Kyiv, 04070, Ukraine.
Tel.: + 380 44 581 28 28, 581 28 68,
[email protected]

Certificate #UA9.003.01434-09
issued by the SCTICP of Ukraine


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