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Harmony of Body and Spirit


The wellness programs that have been worked out by the SOFIYSKiY Fitness Center in Kyiv offer various combinations of physical exercise and spa relaxation which activate the reserves of the human organism and do that in just a week!


Wellness programs have become a lifestyle for many people. These programs keep you healthy, make you feel harmonious, at ease and relaxed. Wellness programs have become part of everyday life, a prestigious and cultural phenomenon. Having a slim figure, groomed appearance and shiny hair are unmistakable signs of health and beauty and of inner stability. The exterior harmony reflects, as a rule, the inner state of ones body.

All the SOFIYSKIY Fitness Center Wellness programs have been worked out with the best fitness techniques and spa technologies in mind. Each program is designed for a seven-day course with a clear aim to achieve. The general amount of physical exercises and strict sequences of various procedures provide a special impulse which stimulates ones organism and guides it to the best results.

Every Wellness program can be maximally effective only in case it takes into consideration individual peculiarities of every person who signs up. That is why it is advisable to consult a doctor and a dietologist before you engage in any of such health-improving programs. All possible questions should be asked from whats best to wear for the workouts, through how long workouts should last to what foods are preferable.

Among the programs offered by the SOFIYSKIY Fitness Center are:

Getting Your Figure Slimmer this program aims at making your figure visually slimmer and gives you a feeling of ease and physical lightness;

Slender (Wasp) Waist prevents womens waistlines from expanding;

Graceful Gait eases the feeling of fatigue, relieves the tension and edema in your legs and is a good preventive measure against the varicose veins and cellulite;

Men Only activates the metabolic processes in the body and helps deal with stresses;

Healthy Spine as a Source of Health provides a general healthy boost to the organism and creates a feeling of comfort;

Anti-Cellulite Program helps to stabilize the metabolic processes in the body, improves the flow of the lymph and speeds up the dissipation of excessive accumulations of adipose tissue;

Fitness Anti-Stress helps balance the physical and mental state of the organism;

For Children this program is designed to give children the correct, upright posture and a general improvement of health.

Lets take a closer look at one of the programs which, similar to other programs, can be customized to suit the best physical and mental conditions of every person.


Getting Your Figure Slimmer

If you want to have an attractive figure and slender silhouette in a record-short period of time, you may want to choose this program. It is made up of three fitness programs, three workouts in the swimming pool, two massage sessions and three spa procedures.

Day 1.

You will have an hour-long workout which is developed by your personal trainer. Be prepared to be dripping with sweat. It is a sure way to lose weight. You should know that with the sweat you lose not only noxious substances but also useful vitamins and minerals but you should not worry about that since the spa-procedures will reinstitute what has been lost.

After a workout, you spend two hours in a comfortable armchair listening to soft, relaxing music. Now you are in the hands of a cosmetologist who puts you through a wrapping-up detoxification procedure. It has a double-pronged effect at first, you sweat profusely, your lymph system gets cleaned up, the metabolic processes are activated, you get rid of harmful elements in your body, and any edemas are dealt with. Useful microelements and other substances good for the body are pumped in. After the intensive workout and detoxification, all these elements easily enter the bloodstream and produce a highly beneficial effect.

Day 2.

It begins with a workout in the swimming pool and is designed to relieve the tension in the muscles and help get rid of excessive bodyweight. A massage procedure, called Gratsiya (Gracefulness) follows. It activates the flow of blood, metabolic processes and expulsion of body wastes. As a result, your skin becomes smooth and your figure slim.

Day 3.

It is entirely devoted to fitness exercises.

Day 4.

Another workout in the swimming pool, and another wrapping-up detoxification procedure. This time seaweeds are used. They provide the body with iodine, microelements, improve the functioning of the thyroid gland, and the most important thing reduce the adipose tissues.

Day 5.

It begins with an hour-long fitness exercises. The physical strain intensifies the work of those elements in the body which reduce the adipose tissues, and it doubles the effectiveness of the procedures. Massage Slim Silhouette follows with essential oils used. All of it makes your skin glow and puts you into an excellent mood.

Day 6.

It is devoted to the swimming pool.

Day 7.

Physical exercises and other procedures stimulate your organism, and you deserve another stretch of relaxation in the wrapping-up procedure Fitness Anti-Stress, with nebulized water from the sea off the shores of Bretagne, France. This water has some unique properties it is saturated with magnesium, it increases the resilience of the skin, induces the production of collagen, and what is most important, deals with the residues of stress (incidentally, the changes in the body silhouette can be caused by stress). The combined effect of exercises and the wrapping-up procedure brings serenity and relaxation.

When you look into the mirror, you will see your velvety, glowing skin and your slim figure and you will experience harmony that you have hopefully achieved.

The SOFIYSKIY Fitness Center in Kyiv has a lot more to offer go ahead and experience its beneficial effects for your health and appearance!














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