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There are views like this one of Gurzuf in Crimea which you just can't help admiring and calling "beautiful," or "breathtaking," or "stunning," Ч the words you use depend on your mood and the vocabulary you command, but the emotion will remain the same.

Photo by Mykola IVASHCHENKO



Hardly anyone would contest the statement that sunflowers are among the most cheerful sights Mother Nature, with a little help from her human friends, bountifully presents us with. These millions of miniature suns have come down from heavens to beam their smiles at us.

Photo by Mykola IVASHCHENKO



It is the mood which a picture like this creates that matters Ч the mood in this picture is offered to you by one of the great many scenic places in the Carpathian Mountains. You just look at it, mesmerized, and sigh inwardly.

Photo by Roman MYKHAILYUK



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