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Paradoxes of Oleksandr Dubovyk

V.V. Rock Band

Vikings in Kyiv

Trypillya Culture

Ivan Marchuk's World of Paintings

Mazepa in War and in Love

The 35 Anniversary of Dnipro Hotel

The Town of Berdychiv

St Michael's Golden-Domed Cathedral
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O. Kuzhel, a political phenomen
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A church in Parkhomivka
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Ivko the painter
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Medieval Fortress of Medzybizh
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Crimea: Rest and Cure
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Painter in Love with Mountains
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Cossack Games Festival
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Irina's Divine Voice
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St.Andrew's Church
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Ancient Gold
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Spiritual Centre of Ukraine
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Yevhen Leshchenko and His Art
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Church above Gate

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Magic in Reality
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Collection of Judaica